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Recycling Tips for Communities around Airdrie & Calgary

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Is Your Container Refundable?

Follow this link - BCMB Product Database - to find out

Whether it’s your first time at a Bottle Depot or you want to refresh your memory, Airdrie Bottle Depot offers some recycling tips for Airdrie and Calgary’s surrounding community.

If you would like faster service, we ask that you pre-sort and pre-count your materials. Please bag and label all counted and sorted containers by the dozens.

Please separate all BCMB registered ready to serve beverage containers by the following sorts:

  • Aluminum cans 1 litre and less

  • PET 1 litre and less (clear & blue tinted)

  • PET over 1 litre (clear & blue tinted)

  • Glass 1 litre and less (excludes refillable domestic beer bottles, Miller, Sleeman, Steam Whistle & Moose Head)

  • Glass over 1 litre

  • Tetra 1 litre and less

  • Tetra over 1 litre

  • HDPE over 1 litre (Natural)

  • Other plastics 1 litre and less

  • Other plastics over 1 litre

  • Gable top 1 litre and less

  • Gable top over 1 litre

  • Bi-metal 1 litre and less

  • Bi-metal over 1 litre

  • Foil drink pouches 1 litre and less

  • Bag in box over 1 litre

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