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Learn about Our Charity & Community Commitments

Ronald McDonald House Charities
Alberta Cans for Kids
Airdrie Food Bank

At Airdrie Bottle Depot, we care deeply about both the environment and our local community. The loss of either would be damaging for thousands of people, so we do our best to encourage the growth and health of both. That’s why we strive to stay involved in our local community as much as we can.

To achieve this goal, we run frequent fundraisers for the Airdrie Food Bank, and we also participate in the donation program Alberta Cans for Kids.

In collaboration with the community of Airdrie, we are able to donate all proceeds that are collected where the proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House Charities (Alberta Cans For Kids). In continuation and to add our support, Airdrie Bottle Depot matches all donations to Alberta Cans for Kids and those proceeds go to the Airdrie Food Bank. So far, over $23,000 has been raised for Alberta Cans for Kids, and we have matched that same contribution of over $23,000 to the Airdrie Food Bank.

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